Why choose us?

At Span West, we don’t just sell condos, we sell a lifestyle.

That lifestyle is carefree and maintenance-free. A Span West condo means you’ll have more free time on your hands as you’re no longer shovelling snow, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves or spending time on any of day-to-day work involved in owning a single-family home. A Span West condo also means safety and security. You’ll gain the freedom to take vacations knowing your home is secure. You’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with buying from a builder with a solid reputation and over 30 years in business.

Here are just a few of the benefits of buying a Span West home:

Structural Integrity

Span West buildings are built to last. The high quality materials used in construction truly stand the test of time. Superior quality equates to minimal maintenance costs and low condominium fees.


Every building is equipped with a comprehensive sprinkler system. Sprinklers are installed in each individual suite, the common areas, attic, garages and even balconies. This system, coupled with pre-cast concrete flooring, is important in preventing the spread of fire. Our heated parkades are built above grade to provide easy, safe access. This provides for clear visibility when exiting and means there is no slippery slope to navigate. Our parkades are also equipped with carbon monoxide detectors – another example of how we go above and beyond to make our buildings safe.


Our eight-inch precast concrete floors provide an excellent sound barrier. This type of flooring is far superior to the wood joist/wood flooring systems used by many other builders today.

Wealth of Experience

Span West has been developing in Alberta and Saskatchewan for over three decades. Since our first condominium was built in Melfort, SK in 1988, we have successfully completed construction of more than 50 top-quality buildings. For a better snapshot of our long history of building, check out where we’ve built.