After touring many condos, we were impressed with Span West’s steel and concrete construction as compared to a wood-based construction in other condominiums. The eight-inch hollow-core concrete is much quieter, and eliminates echoing in hallways and living units. The concrete and steel provide much better fire protection. It also helps with heat retention in the winter, and cooling in the summer. We were very impressed with that. It’s a much stronger and quieter building than most condos we toured.

The building is also lovely because of its air conditioned, pressurized hallways, which means the air is fresh and constantly moving. It’s a very refreshing building to walk into.

– George & Darlene Zwack, Aspen Parke condo owners

We love Aspen Parke’s location and the views from our suite. We’re enjoying the nearby trails and water features. Living in our condo gives us a sense of community within a community.

There is opportunity to join our neighbours every Thursday afternoon for happy hour and the first Sunday of each month for a games night where we have a lot of fun. Other social activities include celebration of birthdays, Christmas banquets and potluck dinners. We also appreciate how everyone looks out for one another.

– Sandra & Marc Boisvert, Aspen Parke condo owners

I am very impressed with how this condominium is – as far as fires are concerned – a very safe structure because of the concrete floors and all of the sprinklers that we have. Everything that’s got a door on it has a sprinkler in it. It’s also quiet — there isn’t sound transfer between one home to another.

Originally, I had privacy concerns about moving into a building with 23 other homes in it, but it’s not an issue. We have nice community feel, but you still have your own home and it’s quite separate from the others.

– Joan Neumeier, Windsor Park condo owner